Why every mother needs a cupcake!

Photo copied off of google. I do not own the rights to the lady holding the cupcake.

Photo copied off of google. I do not own the rights to the lady holding the cupcake.

I want to share with you how my life changed because of a cupcake. I had the opportunity to meet and speak briefly with the owner of The Cupcake Collection, Mignon Francois. Ok, let’s set the scene.

From the moment she stood up, she radiated with such calmness and positive energy. “I am Mignon Francois” she begins and immediately I lit up with such awe, like a child who saw Santa for the first time. It was the owner of The Cupcake Collection! Sure, there are videos, interviews, and articles written about her, but to hear her in person and feel her energy simply from her introduction made it real.

After the event, I felt that I needed to speak with Ms.Mignon. I didn’t know what I was going to say, but I felt that I needed to be near her to feel her spirit even more. When I finally got the bravery to walk her way, I got much more than what the cupcake of the day was. I received what goes into a cupcake.

You see; it’s beneficial to look beyond the final product and understand what went into the makings of making it happen.  I learned from Mrs. Mignon that whatever I put my mind to, I can obtain. I understand now that materials things can’t be my excuse for not reaching my goals and aspirations.  A person must think outside of the box, but first you must identify what is important to you and your family. I gained pure knowledge and I also regained my energy to soar high.

All because of a cupcake I was able to interact with such a beautiful, humble and wise person. From that I understand that mothers empowering each other is key, just from her openness to provide wisdom I have gained the ingredients that go into the makings of a cupcake. I have found the recipe for the ultimate cupcake that I will name “Full of Joy”.

This recipe is inspired from my conversation:

6 Cups of Happiness

4 Quarts of Instinct

5 Gallons of Family

1/2 Liter of Dreams

3 Pints of Giving to Others

Unlimited Dashes of Faith

As mothers, it’s important that we understand that true happiness and fulfillment does not happen only based off of material things. For that can no longer be our excuse for why we have not reach our goals, no matter what they are. This wisdom I have gained probably would have not occurred had it not been for her baking the first cupcake years ago. So I recommend that all mothers seek wisdom, understand the story behind the final product. You never know, it could be the story that changes your outlook on life.

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2 Responses to Why every mother needs a cupcake!

  1. Nitza Garza says:

    I am thrilled you got to experience the magic that is the one and only Mignon! I was fortunate to get to know her as she was first beginning her cupcake empire, and she truly desires all the accolades that have come her way. She is an amazing, warm and loving woman that spreads love and joy wherever she goes. Amazing cupcakes, amazing woman, amazing Francois family!

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