3 Ways to Stomp Fear As A Working Mom


Have you ever feared being seen as a slacker because you are a working mom?

Research shows that 1 out of 2 working moms say that they have feared being judged in the workplace for taking unplanned time off to care for a child. Unplanned meaning unexpected and definitely not on your calendar as a pre-chosen day off.  So if you’ve taken an unplanned day off and felt like you were being judged for doing so, you are not alone! I vividly remember moments when I would grow anxious at work during the cold, virus and flu seasons. I would try to avoid checking the phone hoping that the daycare would not call to tell me that my child caught the “yuckies” and needed to be picked up. This doesn’t mean I didn’t love my children. I just allowed my fear of being seen as a slacker handicap me from making clear, sound decisions with ease. Thankfully, this fear began to disappear when I started to apply three key strategies that helped me to stomp the fear of being seen in a certain light. I learned how to be comfortable and fearless in choosing to make decisions based off of my priorities. And I want you to show you how to apply the same strategies. Follow these way to be a fearless working mom and you are sure to yield positive results!

Here are the 3 ways to be a fearless working mom!

#1: Tell the voices to shut it! Eliminate the Noise.

One of the biggest factors that lead you to feel like you are being judged in the workplace are attributed to the very thoughts that are in your own head. That’s right! Many times the only person judging you for choosing to take time to care for your child is you. So, it’s time to eliminate the noise and fill your thoughts with positivity. Identify and write down the top 5 things/people that you value the most in your life. When you are faced with tough decisions, refer to your list and make your decisions according to your priorities. When you feel the noise of criticism sneak into your mind, say the following sentence out loud: “The decision I have made is what I feel is best to do at this time. I will not criticize or judge myself, for the decision that I have made is based off of what matters to me the most.” It’s time to eliminate the noise that lies in your head. Speak positively and set your mind on how you preferred to be perceived, don’t focus on negative thoughts.

#2. Bring it on! Take on the challenges.

Ask your boss for more work or opportunities. Yep! Seek to find opportunities or take on mini challenges in the workplace. Taking on challenges can help you build your level of confidence in understanding the value you bring to the table. So when you face times where you have to leave early, you are more confident in knowing that you bring a great skill in the workplace. Thus leading you to experience less worry about being perceived as a slacker. You will have what I like to call tangible results in what you produce where you are. Every time you establish an accomplishment, document the challenges you have completed and tasks you have performed or contributed of value in the workplace. When you shift your focus on becoming confident in your value as an asset, you will be less worried about being perceived as a slacker.

#3. Nobody has time to be fake! Be yourself.

The one thing that you naturally gift the world with is the gift of being yourself. Sometimes you many not please everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you should alter your personality or put on a façade. Each day focus on doing your best without compromising who you are. Be honest and establish open communication with your boss. When you are comfortable in being who you are, no one, including yourself can make you feel less than the awesome person that you are.  Apply these strategies effectively and you will be able to stomp the common fears that can be associated with being a working mom!


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