One Task Away From Crazy: Developing Routines for Your Family

Photo taken by: Evan Weathersby of Weathersby Imagery

Photo taken by: Evan Weathersby of Weathersby Imagery

Just when I thought I had it altogether, I still feel like a total wreck! Each weekend, I set out to begin the following week with a routine for my family. By mid-week, the “escape from stress plan” seems to be non-existent and I am too exhausted to even think about making the routine work. So I just begin to throw things together and try my best to make it to the weekend…..only to attempt to begin a routine again. Sounds familiar?

Are we torturing ourselves by trying to make routines? Or are we torturing ourselves trying to make our routing like what we see on Pinterest or Facebook. I believe if we keep in mind that what we see can always be customized, then we are one step away from the crazy train…well at least for a day.

So here are my quick tips to regaining your sanity and having a little organization of course.

1) Be realistic. If it sounds like you have too much on your plate, then you just might have too much on your plate!

If you do not have time to cook, read a book, wash the dishes, and clean the bed all on Monday evening, then don’t set your task list with those items to be accomplished in one evening. It’s time to be realistic. Sure there are some mothers who manage to do all of those items in one day; there are some who prefer to only do one item an evening. But what is feasible for YOU? Saving the world in one day is overrated; start with saving your mental capacity!

2) If it doesn’t work, CHANGE IT!

There are no rules to how you should make your routine, or if that planned routine should be upheld to for an entire week. Remember, each successful invention in the world consists of many failed attempts.

3) Breathe!

If you feel overwhelmed, first breathe. You are not alone in developing a routine to help you gain organization. I am still in the process of trying to make a routine work for more than two days. I have gotten to the point where I focus on doing the best I can, one day at a time.

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Domonique Townsend, Author of “Sweetheart! After you have your meltdown, can you make dinner?” and “Mom”ivational Speaker.


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One Response to One Task Away From Crazy: Developing Routines for Your Family

  1. Sharonne says:

    I just have to say that God gives us what we need right when we need it. I am in the middle of a private meltdown. I’m hangry and evil and can’t stand one more story of what happened on the playground!! I was browsing Facebook, watching a video of something and I saw the Meltdown Momma logo!! Thank God!!! I ordered the survival kit and I started reading the blogs. I am feeling better already!

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