Give this 1 thing up today and be rich forever!!

IMG_4454.PNGRaise your hand if you want to be rich by giving up only 1 thing! (*proceeds to raise both hands!) Each mom is only 1 step away from being rich and I am so excited to spill the beans. There is no purpose in living if you can’t share what yields fulfillment and happiness, right!?

So of course there is a catch, giving up this step will not be easy. But the second that you make yourself aware of the steps you need to take to give it up, you will get closer to living a rich life…..forever.

Since I have become a mother I would find myself easily doing this one thing and found myself falling into a slump. And being the “master emotions hider” that I am, no one was able to detect it. Well that was until I became consumed with doing it. I would wake up and do it while watching social media, shopping in the grocery store and even when I was at church. I know I’m not the only mother to do it, but not many will fully admit that they do this very thing. It even led me to question my capability of being a “qualified” mother and even caused me to not want to engage in conversations with anyone who had a child. What stopped me from doing this one thing happened from giving myself a self check and deciding that I am worth being rich in life. You are probably thinking….”what is this one thing?”. You ready!? Ok. Ok. Here it is. The one thing that I would do all of the time was compare myself to other mothers. I would compare my body image, the meals I would cook for my kids, my pictures, my clothes, and I would even compare what my kids accomplished in comparison wo what other people’s kids accomplished. And don’t let there be a picture of the mom who “does it all” and manages to have on flawless makeup. My mind was full of  omparisoon that did nothing but just hurt me and diminish my value of self-worth.

So today I am challenging you to give up comparing yourself to other mothers. You start working on this one thing alone and you are guaranteed to be on a path to be rich for a lifetime. This type of rich has a higher value than the monetary rich. Yep! I know you were probably thinking about the dollars. But in order to get rich (dollar wise), you have to be rich in mental well being. When you distract yourself with the things that do not matter, you waste time that you could be spending on things that do matter. For instance, the personal goals that you are seeking to reach will be interrupted if you continue to compare yourself to other mothers. And here is a spoiler alert: when you compare yourself to other people, you will NEVER be satisfied. You are uniquely made and created, there is not 1 duplicate on this Earth that will match up to what you and only you can offer. So if you are ready to be rich, give up comparison today. You will not be disappointed!

As always:

Behind the smile of a mother lies a story, a story of happiness, a story of sadness, a story of joy and a story of overwhelm. But each mom should know that no matter what they are going through, they are never alone. Every mom is capable and worthy of living a fulfilled life!

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