The BEST Gift that Every Mom Needs to Increase Their Quality of Life.

What’s better than getting diamonds or dozens of roses for Mother’s Day? I know! I know! (*Jumps up and down in excitement!) It’s the gift of being yourself. 

But each year, many moms overlook the true excitement and reward of living authentically. It’s not that they lack confidence, its that they value what one of my favorite virtual mentors Gary Vaynerchuk calls “POV”. That’s right, the majority of moms value other people’s POV (point of view) so much that they compromise on making decisions that speak to their own heart. Why is that? 

I raise this question because I can totally relate! I was that person who valued other people’s POV so much that I grew anxious in making a decision that didn’t follow their beliefs. I was what we commonly call, “the people pleaser”, even if it costed me my sanity. It took a pivotal moment in my life that made me decide that the best gift that I can give myself is the gift of being myself. That moment occurred when I noticed my son making a decision to do something based off of what one of his friends wanted him to do. Granted, part of being a friend is helping each other out, but this was out of my son’s character. I asked him why and his response was, “I want him to be my friend.”. As I proceeded to tell him that if he had to do something that he wasn’t necessarily comfortable doing just to satisfy a friend then they might not be a person to hang around. And then it clicked! How in the world can I tell my son to do something that I was not fully living by? I was constantly making decisions to please the world and it led to nothing but increased stress. So I made the choice to be comfortable in being myself and strive to make decisions that speak to my heart without fear of losing friends or being seen as a rude or mean person. 

The journey of being true to myself and intentional on the decisions that I make has given me a free feeling. I even noticed that the opinionated people have shifted their approach of how they interact with me… a good way. The best thing in this journey is that I can provide my children with insight that I actually live by and not simply hope to live by. So this year for Mother’s Day, I encourage you to gift yourself with the gift of being true to yourself. Happy Mother’s Day!

My message to you:

Don’t allow the opinions of the world dim your light. You were uniquely chosen to raise your children with excellence before they were even born. Life is about happiness. The validation you need has been granted by a power that no human can fulfill. So live it up!!!!

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