How to Ignite Your Legacy by ACTing now! Featuring Mignon Francois

ambitious working mother

In your journey of life, you are guaranteed to run into someone who is placed specifically to ignite you to push forward. But in order to receive this push, you must be aware of the lessons you learn in each life experience. This month, we are going to talk about how to decrease stress so that you can jump start in the direction of successfully reaching your goals. And I feel that it is befitting to kick off April with our feature ambitious working mother, Ms. Mignon Francois.

Over 2 years ago, I had the pleasure to meet someone who totally shifted my thought process with just one interaction. I was in the process of pursuing a goal that I began to lose hope on. I doubted my ability to succeed because I lacked what I thought I needed and that was money. I attended a networking event and this person beamed in a bright light of energy that simply can’t be explained. Her name, Mignon Francois, the founder of The Cupcake Collection. Not even knowing her story, I felt drawn to her so after the event I walked to her to introduce myself. Without thought, I told her my desire to be at a particular event and in order for me to be there I needed to raise funds. With calmness, she replied, “My dear you came to me for money. And money is not what you need.” Honestly I became confused and embarrassed. Not only did I blurt out my life dilemma, but the very thing I thought I must have was not identified as the needed item. She proceeded to give me what I still call today, the “secret ingredient”. Mignon said, “Everything you need you already have. You just need to learn how to use it. Claim that you are going to do it and don’t speak as if it’s impossible to reach. The thing is….. it is going to happen.” We continued to talk as she sought to help me speak more from my heart. I did what anyone would do at that moment, I cried. Yes! I cried because trying to grasp that I have the power to reach my goals and dreams was overwhelming, but necessary to hear. Mignon did not send me away after giving my “pitch”, she took the time to give me invaluable knowledge that I still apply to this day! Many people have helped me grow in my journey, but at that  particular moment in my life, she was right on time.  Which is why I want to share with you the lessons that I continue to learn from our fellow ambitious working mother.

Mignon recently spoke at the L.A.C.E. Project Women’s Conference in Nashville which focuses on committing to educating and empowering all women in the areas of entrepreneurship, health & wellness and beauty. (Information about this initiative is below.) I got to catch the replay of her speaking and every feeling of hope, value and desire to ACT came over me just as if it were the first day that we met! The nuggets she poured in to the souls of those who attended were something that is truly God called. Being inspired, the lessons (ingredients) that I received by listening to her replay have led me to create the ingredients that will help you ignite your legacy by acting now.

Break down what is holding you back.

Mignon’s ingredients: “Your tears are temporary. When you cry, you are able to see more clearly. Tears will bring you joy.”

It’s time to release every stronghold that has been holding you back.  Clear your mind. Release your worries and your frustrations that are holding you back on paper. Be honest in what you write, this exercise is for you to do for yourself. When you identify what is holding you back, you are able to confront it. This process may not be easy, but it is necessary in order for you to ignite your legacy. Ingredient: “Fears are only there to get in your way.”

You must demand more for your life. Raise your expectations.

Mignon’s ingredient: “You don’t have to be qualified, you only have to be called.”

How many times have we discounted ourselves for pursuing certain things because we don’t have the right qualification? I know I can count on all fingers the number of times that I have held back from pursuing ventures because I did not feel qualified. But Mignon’s ingredient serves as a confirmation for us to understand that the things that are placed on our hearts to pursue is  divinely given to us. That serves as the ultimate qualification. So demand big, seek for more and follow the purpose that sticks to your heart. Ingredient: “Did you know that you have power? People are simply not asking enough.” “When we tell ourselves we are not good enough, you put your opinion higher than God.”

Be Ok with making mistakes.

Mignon’s ingredient: “Dreams are never tied to mistakes only plans are. Mistakes are necessary obstacles to get where you need to go.”

It’s time to stop worrying about perfect, because perfect simply does not exist.

You must act now.

Mignon’s ingredient: “ACT means to Always Consider Today. It’s time to act now. Now is all you own. It’s time to have now faith.”

I’m going to let this statement marinate for all of us to take in. The time is NOW! It’s time to surrender our strongholds, our doubts, our fears to a greater power. Our purpose is to serve and do phenomenal things in the world. There is someone in the world that is meant to be touched by YOU. You were validated by God the very day that you were born to do anything that you put your mind too. Be confident. Be bold.  Be intentional. Be a believer.

Final Thoughts:

I am sure I speak for many when I say that we are thankful for ambitious working moms like Mignon. You are a truly a child of God and are full of purpose.

For information about the L.A.C.E. (Let’s All Create Empires) project, visit and support this initiative at

To learn more about Mignon’s story and the Cupcake Collection, visit

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