Doing this thing alone could change your life as a Mom!

As I reflect on 2016, I automatically think about the lessons that I have learned in my experiences……good,bad and ugly. And to be honest, I believe that I experienced every emotion of this journey we call life. If I were to generalize a list of 10 lessons, it would be this.

  1. You teach best what you need the most of. So if you feel under-qualified to do something you are called or invited to do….that is when you push yourself the most.
  2. Because you cry or have a moment of “weakness”, it does not mean that you not strong. It means that you are human. Strength lies in being true to yourself and admitting when you need help.
  3. If a vision is given to you that requires you to do something out of your comfort zone……do it scared. Whether you take a small step or a big step out of your comfort zone, taking the first step will open the doors of opportunities.
  4. Being brave will take A LOT of you. Standing up for yourself  and making changes that are in the best interest of your family is not an easy task. If you got to cry through it, do it. After you complete what you came to address and/or change…you will be glad that you took the first step.
  5. Don’t underestimate your kids ability to change the world. If they think they can do it….then support them….without the plethora of excuses of why their dreams may not work out.
  6. Work-Life Balance does not exist. (Yep, I said it!) Your family will always be more important than your work. Sure, you need money to survive, but living in fear to make sure that you can pay the bills should not be an option. (Sign-Up in my community to learn more on how we establish living our life to our priorities in any circumstance.)
  7. Experiencing another miscarriage has taught me that even when you feel the least in control of your life, you are never alone. Allow others to take care of you and comfort you. Although you may need time alone, it is important to inform people you trust how are you doing so they can be there for you.
  8. God purposes you to live in favor. You must not only believe in this, but you must also believe that it is for you too.No one person is better positioned than another. If you desire to change your current circumstances, you must believe and act as though it is about to happen. (We will speak more on this in 2017.)
  9. Operating in silence is key when you are working on your big goals. Not every person will understand your dreams and may detour you from accomplishing certain things.
  10. Be careful of who you allow in your house (your mind, your physical house, your inner circle).

Now my purpose is to fully focus on applying these lessons in 2017. But the one ULTIMATE lesson that I learned is the art of being true to yourself. Being true to yourself is the very thing that can change your life as a mom and a woman. When you are honest and comfortable in who you are, you will operate on a path that will lead to fulfillment. So as you enter this New Year of purpose lies ahead for you, answer these very questions before beginning anything:

  • Is doing this task in alignment with who I am?
  • Am I sacrificing doing something that is of higher value for me by saying yes to someone else?
  • Am I doing this task through purpose or just to be seen (or to just please people)?

These above questions will help you in being sure that you are honest in who you are and what you stand for. This world can be full of noise, especially when it gets to being a mom. Staying true to yourself and focusing on what is best for you and your family first is the best gift that you can offer yourself, your family and the world!

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