I don’t have it all together and neither do you! #momtalk

Welcome to the competitive world of being a mother where everyone brags about cooking healthy meals, reading books to their kids every single night, keeping their house spotless from the ceiling to the floor, taking long walks on the beach in their free time, having access to a long list of babysitters and let us not forget that they know how to sew, host parties and own three businesses on the side and their kids are GENIUSES! Yes in the world of motherhood, it is super saturated with people who only post about how amazing their life is. And then it happens…..you begin to question yourself. You ask, “What am I doing wrong?” or “How can I do what that mom is doing?”. Well let me break it to you. First! You are not alone in asking yourself those questions….many moms do it and I know I have done this several times in the past. The multitude of perfected filtered social media posts and the amazing blogs of the “super mom” doing EVERYTHING amazing have one secret in common. And that is they do not have it all together. Well, how do I know this? If we live this thing called life, we are going to  have moments where we feel like the “ish” has hit the fan. I am not hesitant to admit that I may not have it all together at times….and that is OK with me.

What I want other moms (yeah you!) to know is that it’s OK to be unfiltered and unperfected. Every mom has a moment where they are unsure of what to do next. And you can guarantee that there is a high chance that a post of their unsure moment will not make it social media.  Of course we love the high moments, the times that things worked out perfectly. But since its not an obligation to post what occurs up to displaying a moment, many moms get distracted. Don’t get distracted by another person’s final product. There is a behind the scenes to everything that you see in social media, television, magazines….and even people you are close to in your life. Being mindful of just that along will allow you to understand that no matter what you see out in the world, you ultimately determine the measure of your success according to what you value as successful.

Top “mind traps” to stay away from when trying to get yourself together:

The Measurement Stick.

Do not compare yourself to other moms. What works for you may not work for other moms and vice versa.

The Compromise of Self-Worth.

Do not compromise who you are as a mom and woman for other people, critics and opinionated media.

The Sacrifice of Time: Saying No

If you feel that you are being stretched thin, figure out what you need to say no to at the time. Taking care of yourself also reduces your chance of being distracted by what other people are doing. When you feel better, you operate with a more positive mindset.

The Mother of Denial.

Hi I’m _enter your name here__   and I will not always have it all together. 

Accept that you are imperfect and be OK with that. By no means does that mean that you are incapable, it means that you are human.

Here is my personal quote for you:

“Behind the smile of a mother lies a story. A story of pain, a story of joy, a story of happiness, and a story of uncertainty. And it is up to us to help and support each other along the way because each mom is uniquely made and is non-duplicable. You alone are enough and have value and worth to your family and the world. ” -Domonique Townsend

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