Ask Kanye: Work-Life Balance Does Not Exist

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The recent news in the media describing the horrific event of Kim Kardashian West being held at gunpoint by robbers while she was in Paris is heart breaking. Tears came to my eyes as I read what had occurred to Kim. All I could think about was Kim as a mom, wife, sister and daughter. (Side Rant: The world gave her the fame so condemning/justifying her for being robbed is shear ignorance.) No one should have to plead for their life or endure such fear from another person, no matter their platform. All I could think about was Kim trying to survive to get back to her family, her babies. The news didn’t discuss that she pleaded so she could get back to work or create a new line of products, she wanted to live for her kids sake.

So I mention this story because when Kayne heard what happened to his wife, he immediately stopped the show he was performing. How many of us would stop, without thought, what they were doing at work to leave for their family? Many of us would hesitate and even fear the thought of receiving a phone call that requires is to leave work. Kayne left work to take care of his family. Sure, he has money and is technically his own boss. But that should not limit us in how we live our lives where we are today. 

So what are some of the myths of work-life balance are we believing that leads us to have fear of having to make family decisions while at work. 
The myths of work-life balance:
Myth 1: Work-Life Balance exists.

Work-Life balance does not exist. Our work will never carry the same weight as our lives. Therefore there will never be a balance. When you arrive to work, you don’t stop being a mom. So the best way to find “balance” is by setting priorities in your life and living according to them. Apply yourself the best you can where you are. And when you are faced with having to make a decision, you can refer to your identified priorities and make choices based off of just that. To feel more comfortable, you can have open communication lines  with your boss to keep them aware of moments where you might have to step out. (Document the conversation for your records.) 
Myth 2: You will be seen as “less productive” if you leave for family emergencies. 

If you feel that your job is at risk for having to take care of your family. Your next step is to identify companies that values what you value. I think this is not the case for many. Because most of the time, our fears of seeming less productive come from our own minds. We carry on a guilt that no one places on us when it gets to situations like this. So to overcome this myth, begin to write down how you bring value in the workplace. Think of what you do best and place it in your memory bank for times you get the phone call that your child needs you. 
Myth 3: You must explain the decisions you make to others so they will understand.
No is a powerful statement all on its on. You do not have to explain what you choose is best for your family! Referring back to Kayne in this situation, he was in the middle of a show when he informed the crowd that he needed to go. 

We have to be willing to live life as such. When you put your family first, decisions are not hard to make when faced with an “event”. 

So, in conclusion, reevaluate what is important to you and begin to live your life according to those priorities. If you find yourself challenged in having to choose between a priority and a non-priority, make a plan to write how to overcome being in a situation like that. Living our lives in fear and “what-if’s” are not apart of the plan that God has for us!

P.S. If Kim and Kanye ever read this blog, I want them to know that I pray that God watches over them at this time. Also to stand strong and know that many people are thinking about you all at this time. Taking care of what matters most is all that counts at this time. Hug Kim for me Kanye. From a mom to a mom, my heart goes to Kim. 

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