How to Take Control of Your Day

What in the world happened to my day after having kids? Many times I feel like a robot and the weekends only mean I am trying to catch up on errands. Sounds familiar? 
I know. I’m with you sister. Our daily routine is definitely not entirely about us anymore. And whether you are new to motherhood or a veteran in the game, there will be moments where you feel like your day is out of control. So how do you regain control of your day? I have a few nuggets that might help you out. How you apply it to your life may vary from one mom to the next, but you will obtain more control over your day if you apply it.
Strategy 1:

Set a standard in what you allow to interfere your routine.
Don’t allow things to be added to your schedule that you know will cause stress or an inconvenience to your day. If it is necessary to add, schedule those tasks on a day where your schedule is not full. And be sure to plan it well in advance. 
Strategy 2:

Make time for yourself in your schedule.
I know. I get it. Your schedule is too hectic to make time for yourself. But it’s necessary to schedule time to do something that you want to do. When you plan your week out, block 30 minutes to an hour for the amazing, awesome person that is you! Remember: This can even mean waking up early or staying up later to regroup. But be sure to make the time to regain your sanity. This strategy will provide many benefits!!
Strategy 3: 

Don’t beat yourself up.
If it doesn’t get done….it doesn’t get done. Measuring the success of your day by perfecting and completing every task on your schedule will drive you insane. I tired it! It doesn’t work. I would get frustrated if I had something left on the to-do list and I even felt like a failure. I now only measure my success by doing the best I can do and not allowing an I completed to-do list to determine my worth as a productive mom.  
Helpful Tip:

Taking control of your day will not always go perfect. But setting a standard for what you allow to be placed on your schedule can provide many benefits. 
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