What you should know about comparing yourself to other mothers?

What you should know about comparing yourself to other mothers?

Hey there!! Can you believe it’s Tuesday already!? I know I can’t. Between this weather and being snowed in often, my days have become a blur! LOL Ok. Ok. So, let’s cut to the chase. It’s Tipsy Tuesday!!! Where I provide one key tip to help us maintain our sanity and overcome insecurities we may face as mothers. Today’s topic is very juicy. Read below.

We all do this one thing…..and I am trying to figure out why? What is it, you asked? Comparison. Why do we compare ourselves to other people, especially other mothers?

I have been guilty of this many times. I would wake up in the morning, turn onto Facebook and there I see it, perfect pictures of perfect mothers with perfect makeup. And this was before 6am! My mood would grow irritated and I would fall into the comparison game. It was not until recently that I realized one key thing. Every picture that we see in the world has a behind the scenes. When we take pictures of our family, there is a guarantee that the pictures of children moving around and faces turned in various directions will outweigh the one perfect picture that you will choose to post on social media.

So, the next time that you compare yourself to other mothers, remember that there is a behind the scenes. When you compare yourself to other mothers, you rob your children of the great and awesome person you are.

Tipsy Tuesday Tip of The Day:

“Remember that everything you see has a “behind the scenes.” Make the choice to not compare yourself to others.”

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