Day 11: Just Say Thank You

Why is saying thank you so hard to do? Sure! The compliments are flattering, but we somehow find a way to belittle ourselves like we are unworthy of the compliment. It’s time to embrace the fact that we just might have it going on!! I think you do.

So today, focus on saying thank you. Just thank you. Here are two quick exercises to do while you are on your thank you journey today.

Exercise 1: 

Look in the mirror and say, “I am worthy of all compliments that I receive today!”
Exercise 2: 

Every time you feel like adding a story to your thank you. Stop yourself and smile. Enjoy being complimented. You are worth it! 


About meltdownmomma

I am a full-time engineer, wife, and mom of 3 wonderful children. I reside in Nashville, TN and I started Meltdown Momma to re-engineer the lives of ambitious working mothers who seek to reach their personal goals and dreams while managing a busy lifestyle! Visit my Facebook Page: Meltdown Momma for daily doses of inspiration and tips on how to live a high quality life! Visit our empowerment product store at:
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