Day 10: The Top Secrets of Being a Successful Mother

3 top secrets

Special Edition: Day 10 of the 14-Day #PositiveMom Challenge

Let me guess. Every morning, you are on cloud nine to get your day started and then it happens…….LIFE. It smacks you in the face. You forget what you dreamed about, turn on the news, and check social media all while getting your children ready for school. And there it is again……LIFE. It settles in and doubt, fear, jealousy, and uncertainty of the things you can’t control,  begin to take over your mind. You become impatient with everything going on in the house. AND GET THIS; YOU HAVEN’T EVEN LEFT THE HOUSE! That cloud nine feeling lasted every bit of 5 minutes and sometimes it doesn’t even last that long. Especially, if the children wake up sooner than expected.

But why is that? Where that is cloud nine feeling? I think I have an idea! Because we have allowed ourselves to think that there is no other way but to be stressed out about the world. We value what is happening outside of our bubble more that how we value our sanity, our happiness, and our fulfillment. For me, I know it has been the case. I too, was quickly doubtful, bitter and every other feeling in the world. And another reason I think we feel this way..this is going to hurt….WE ARE NOT LIVING OUR DREAMS. Yep, many of us are unhappy.

Today, I still have my struggles. But I am FAR from feeling that way. I want to share with you the top secrets of being a successful mother. It’s about YOU. YOU deserve success. YOU deserve a clear mind. We already have a lot on our plates as it is!

I am going to be more transparent than I have ever been tonight. It’s time to get real so that we can receive everything we desire in our family, relationships, and personal life. Success does not occur alone, and it is my goal to make sure that each and every mother has what it takes to get there.

Secret 1: Be Unapologetic

Successful mothers are unapologetic in the goals and decisions they make for themselves and their family. Trying to please everyone can be overwhelming. You know why? It’s because we are not suppose to live and value our well-being by what other people think we should do.

Secret 2: Clean Eating

The saying, “Garbage In, Garbage Out” is true. Ever feel like your mind is cloudy? It could be a sign of the foods you eat. Yep! The food you eat can have an effect on how you even think. Clean eating definitely has great benefits. Improved emotional wellness and decreased risk for health issues are shown to occur through clean eating.  The quickest way to develop a better clarity is by eating better.

Secret 3: Speak Intentionally and Don’t Settle

Own what you want. Dream Big. Go Strong. The minute you think of something that you would like to do in your life… it! Claim it as you have already accomplished it and work towards that goal. Lastly, do not settle for less that what you desired.


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