Day 8: Moms Have to Stop Being So Hard on Themselves. #PositiveMomChallenge


Why are we so damn tough on ourselves as moms? We receive these “rules”, people constantly telling us “you should do this” and hear an overwhelming amount of  “well I did this and it worked fine for me” from people who should have no say in how we raise our children. But you know what, we choose to let them affect us and it can sting at times. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt guilt from decisions I have made in my six and a half years of being a mother. Gosh! It was awful.

Yes! I feel guilt at times now, but no where nearly like before. Every mother is in a different journey of their lives. Some may have moved past this point, some are right in it. But I simply don’t believe that there is ONE mother out there who had not felt guilty or has been tough on themselves. So I say that to say all of this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE PERFECT DECISIONS ALL OF THE TIME. Let’s face it , life is not about making the perfect decisions. Don’t hold yourself to an unrealistic statement. The best thing that you can do for yourself from NOW on is to forgive yourself. All of the past decisions that you have made for your children and yourself. All of the times you have questioned your ability as a mother. All of the times that you have allowed other people to trump the choices you make for what you do for your children. FORGIVE and know that you are doing the BEST you can. You define what motherhood is, you define what you do for your children. You were blessed with them for a reason. Cherish that. And cherish your worth.

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