Day 7: Relax, Regroup, Refocus: Importance of Meditation

We are already halfway through our 14 Day Challenge to be a #PositiveMom! Today, I would like to challenge you to meditate.

Yes, meditate. Sit down, relax and regroup so that you can have a better start to your day. No matter how short or long you meditate, there are benefits that can help us in our busy lives. You are able to gain clarity in your thoughts and gain a sense of sanity. I know that we can all use that. There are many methods that you can utilize to meditate and resources are easily available through guided meditation videos on YouTube and more!

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I am a full-time engineer, wife, and mom of 3 wonderful children. I reside in Nashville, TN and I started Meltdown Momma to re-engineer the lives of ambitious working mothers who seek to reach their personal goals and dreams while managing a busy lifestyle! Visit my Facebook Page: Meltdown Momma for daily doses of inspiration and tips on how to live a high quality life! Visit our empowerment product store at:
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