Day 6: Take the Leap

Day 6_ Take the Leap.png

Taking the leap….sounds scary doesn’t it? We think about the right moment to be brave, when actually the moment we are in RIGHT now is the best moment to be who you want to be! Following your your heart, pursuing your goals is only appropriate. So, how can you, a mom, who has everything on their plate accomplish reaching their dreams? The question should be, Why aren’t you pursuing them? 
Here are three quick tips on taking the leap and following your heart:

1. Know your why.

What is your biggest reason for reaching for your goals and dreams. Who is positively affected? How is it changing the world?

2. Identify your priorities.

Having clarity and focus on how you are going to reach your dreams is important. It helps keep you aligned in the right direction. And it also can expedite you in reaching your ultimate goals! 

3. Never settle for less.

Your worth is immeasurable, so why settle for less? Don’t compromise on the results of your dreams if it is not something that you desire. You should want more because you are worth more!

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I am a full-time engineer, wife, and mom of 3 wonderful children. I reside in Nashville, TN and I started Meltdown Momma to re-engineer the lives of ambitious working mothers who seek to reach their personal goals and dreams while managing a busy lifestyle! Visit my Facebook Page: Meltdown Momma for daily doses of inspiration and tips on how to live a high quality life! Visit our empowerment product store at:
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