Never experienced a meltdown? Get over yourself!

Meltdown If there can be a universal emotion that does not discriminate, it will be the emotion of a meltdown. We get too caught up trying to have it all together. We pretend as if the stars are always aligned in our house. Get over feeling like you have to hide the fact that you are human. Get over feeling anxiety or worried when the “Oh! Here she comes” person walks towards you. You will not and cannot control the emotional outburst of that favorite family or friend who seems to have forgotten what it is like to be a young mother or better yet…..what it is like to be a WOMAN. So get over yourself and just choose to be free!

Follow these Meltdown Momma tips to learn how to get over yourself:

1. Set your own bar!

Understand that you only receive what you are wiling to be open too. When people say things that are hurtful to you or make you question being a mom, STOP listening. Set your bar high enough to where you will be comfortable in simply walking away. If that is uncomfortable to you, just knod your head and tell yourself…”This person really thinks I’m listening!” while they are talking. Sounds crazy but it will make you laugh during a time where you normally would have lost your mind!

2. Embrace the ride on the freight train called Meltdown!

No matter what, that meltdown is coming. Hold onto your seat and ride away. I don’t know about you, but running away from a meltdown seems to extend my “crazy” factor.  

3. Understand that meltdowns are only temporary!

Meltdowns are a temporary defeat that only serve as a purpose to remind you that you are human. We are going to feel emotions that are unpleasant as moms, only know that it is temporary. Wipe those tears away, take that last deep breath and keep it moving. 


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