Breaking News: Meltdown Momma speaks on behalf of Beyonce Knowles.

On behalf of Beyoncé Knowles, Meltdown Momma would like to respond to the recent events with Jay-Z and Solange. Official comments have not been made in response of the recent events with Solange and Jay-Z. Quite frankly, comments do not have to be made as there is no explanation that needs to be provided concerning their personal lives. So if you are looking for an exciting story to talk about or nasty comments to make against my best friend in spirit, read the book, “What You Think of Me is None of My Business” (Whitaker). All we need to do is pray right now.

What we should think about is Beyoncé: the mother, the wife, and the sister. A momma meltdown is coming her way or one has already occurred. I can not imagine the roller coaster of emotions that she is going through. What do you do when there is a fight that occurs between your sister and your husband? Well I have three Meltdown Momma tips to consider when in situations similar to Beyoncé.

Rain does not just fall out of the sky: the clouds darken, the wind begins to blow, or if you are in the South it can begin to get very hot and still.

Tip #1: Notice the signs, communicate and address before the storm comes! Identify the root cause if you have the chance. Find a “good” time to talk to both parties.

It is tough to be the one in the middle when it gets to family. And when it involves two grown people, why should you have to get in the middle of it. It is not fair to you sometimes, but you will eventually have to choose what is best for your household.

Tip #2: This tip is not fun, but if this occurs, I recommend thinking about what is best for your personal household and well being of your kids. Time and prayer heals, if the parties were close at one time, eventually things will work out.

We all fall guilty of blaming ourselves when occurrences are out of our control. We can feel helpless as well. If you can’t control it, and you have done what you can….let it go.

Tip #3: Don’t blame yourself. Don’t feel as if you have underreacted or overreacted. You do what you feel is right.

So in short, if Beyoncé was reading this, I will tell her this:
You did what you felt was best for that moment. Jumping into a situation where one party was hostile and the other was calm will not have solved the problem. I pray for your family as I know that things will work out. I know that you are going through a great deal, but you are human at the end of the day. If you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to, I live in Nashville, TN and I am here for you 🙂

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