Sometimes it is good to shut up!!



Since I was a child, I have never been hesitant to have a conversation with anyone who would listen. I often thought that silence was not the best thing to have in a room…..until I had children! Always up for a challenge, I wanted to see what was so great about being quiet. How can you possibly not have something to talk about? So I took a brave step into the shhhhhhhh “quiet zone”. I decided to go on a journey to just SHUT UP!

I allowed myself to absorb information from others and enjoy the thoughts of others over a course of 30 days. And you know what? I learned a great deal. Listening helps you increase knowledge about others. Listening helps you to learn more about your kids, your spouse, your family and even your co-workers. The most wonderful thing about this self challenge for me was learning more about the aspirations and dreams of my husband. It is amazing to enjoy the moment, we often get so caught up in ourselves that we do not listen to other people. So take a month out of your life to reflect and enjoy others while you are the one being quiet.

During this journey, I developed a funny list of tips that actually work for the “talkative at heart”. Although I am only a sentence away from a needed intervention, if I can do it, anyone can!

1) Write what you would like to talk about and keep it on the paper. If you are like me, you think that getting the last word is important….or so you feel! So writing it down on paper allowed me to have my talkative release without saying one word!

2) The less you speak, the more people tell on themselves. Let’s face it, we are human. When people around you begin to ask if they have done something wrong, chances are they have. This 30 day journey allows you to learn the good and not so good. Your real friends and supporters have no reason to feel uneasy for you are on a journey to develop yourself.  🙂

3) Treat it like a weight loss goal that will actually work. Look at it this way, you get to eat what you want this time!




About meltdownmomma

I am a full-time engineer, wife, and mom of 3 wonderful children. I reside in Nashville, TN and I started Meltdown Momma to re-engineer the lives of ambitious working mothers who seek to reach their personal goals and dreams while managing a busy lifestyle! Visit my Facebook Page: Meltdown Momma for daily doses of inspiration and tips on how to live a high quality life! Visit our empowerment product store at:
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