There is no such thing as a closed door policy!

It took me three kids to come to realization that a closed-door means nothing when there are kids are in the house. I used to think that maybe they are going through phases and when they get older they will stop. Boy was I wrong!  What is privacy and how can we obtain once again? I think I have found a solution!

First, we should not try to compare the privacy before we had kids to how it is now. Reality is, the kids are here to stay. You must be creative and try your best to enjoy the little moments that you have that are quiet and peaceful. Sure it might not be the couple of hours of rest in the middle of the day. But the five minutes here and there can be something that you can begin to cherish. Second, learn how to function with the craziness and you will be amazed at how you will develop a new sense of privacy. Last, take some of the day off and give the husband the to do list, go grocery shopping for a long period of time. I am pretty sure that the kids can survive with the husband for an hour or two….or three. What!? Grocery shopping can become very strategic at times.


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I am a full-time engineer, wife, and mom of 3 wonderful children. I reside in Nashville, TN and I started Meltdown Momma to re-engineer the lives of ambitious working mothers who seek to reach their personal goals and dreams while managing a busy lifestyle! Visit my Facebook Page: Meltdown Momma for daily doses of inspiration and tips on how to live a high quality life! Visit our empowerment product store at:
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